Whatsapp download for samsung mobiles: Galaxy,Ace, S3, duos

Hello friends, here in this article, i am going to show how to download whatsapp messenger for various Samsung Android mobiles like like Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Ace, Galaxy Note,Samsung duos etc. Before that let us quickly look at a few details about whatsapp messenger and its features.

whatsapp is a multi tasking app which helps in messaging, making calls, sending of pictures and videos. The most popularity that it gained today is because of its multi purpose use by the user.We can use this whatapp by installing in android mobile, windows phone,iphone,blackberry and even from computer.It has become one of the communication tool all over the world.It needs data connection or the wireless network to transfer data between two persons or more.

Most of the friends are connecting from far places by using whatsapp now a days. Whatsapp  is very effective to download because of having no restrictions, it is much lesser cost and the user can save calls and messages too.Whatsapp had its own importance, having it in our mobile is a great boon.We can also have an option of group chatting,where multiple friends at a time can communicate together.This is being very significant as it does not have to put on it to access contacts. It is one the best possible way to communicate to people anywhere in the world.It ha a name of instant messaging application.It performs an analysis of the user's contacts. It will then be exported in the Whatsapp Messenger for Android to generate new contacts.This application very easy to use by user's,because it is such user free application.This application has a very easy to understand interface, which greatly facilitates handling.

Download whatsapp for Samsung Android mobiles 

Samsung mobiles are one most wide used mobiles in the world. Samsung mobile manufacturing company is leading the market with its huge variety of smartphones. Downloading whatsapp App for Samsung Android mobiles is very easy and it can be done using Google playstore. Have a look at the below procedure to download whatsapp for samsung phones.

Step by step procedure to download whatsapp for Samsung mobiles

  • Open the Google Playstore application from your samsung mobile.
  • In the search bar type "whatsapp" and submit
  • Now you can see the whatsapp messenger in the search results
  • Tap on the icon and now you find a download button. Click on it
  • Whatsapp downloading starts, also showing the status of the downloading
  • Once the application is downloaded, Click on Install.

Installing whatsapp messenger on Samsung mobiles

  • First we have to open the downloaded whatsapp application and click on Install
  • Now you will be taken to the next step for accepting terms & conditions
  • You have to verify your location and mobile number before using whatsapp
  • You have to verify by typing the verification code recieved to your mobile number
  • Thats it, once verification step is done, you are free to access the wonder full messaging application whatsapp.

Some features of whatsapp you can enjoy on your samsung phones

  • whatsapp is a aplication used to share messages, videos, audios, pictures etc.
  • We have the facility of forming group and group conversations.
  • We can customize its appearance,based on how we want.We can also change the themes which are available in the application.
  • There is an availbility of emoticons which makes this application some what funny in conversations.
  • We can update our profile picture and status whenever needed according to our convinience.
  • Improved design for browsing your photos and videos.
I hope you liked my article on whatsapp for samsung mobiles. If you have any sort of doubts in downloading latest version whatsapp messenger for Android samsung mobiles, you can reach me through comments.

Whatsapp free download for Android Mobiles [Latest version]

Are you looking to download whatsapp for Android mobiles? Then your are at the right place where you can get the detailed step by step procedure which helps you to download whatsapp for Android mobiles. Actually whatsapp messenger was first lauched to Android operating system and then followed iOS mobiles. Today billions of Android mobile users are using whatsapp app worldwide. Whatsapp application has gained a lot of popularity and craze among its users for the simple instant messaging service, it is offering for free of cost. whatsapp only uses the mobile internet connection or it works using the internet wifi connection.


Downloading whatsapp for Android mobiles is absolutely free and you dont need to pay even a penny.Initially spread that the whatsapp app is free for the first year of its usage and an annual amount of $0.99 has to be paid to use the app further. But thanks to the facebook company, which owned whatsapp for making it free. whatsapp is available in Google play for free download to all the Android mobile users. The size of the application will be around 15MB. One important point to notice is that the whatsapp messenger app is suitable for the versions Android 2.1 or higher. so, please make sure of your Andorid os version before downloading whatsapp App.

Today Android operating system is ruling. with most of the smartphones and tablets being manufactured with Android OS. A large number of people are using whatsapp on their Android mobiles like Samsung, Nokia and htc etc. If you are also one of the Android user and want to download whatsapp app latest version, then follow the given procedure.

Whatsapp download for Android mobiles using Playstore

Downloading whatsapp for Android mobiles is pretty easy with the help of Google Play store. Google Play store is a place where all the Android applications of different categories both paid and free versions will be available to access for the users. In our case Whatsapp messenger is free App, which we can download for free of cost.

1. Open the Google Play store app and press on the search button. 

2. Now type " whatsapp messenger" and select the first search result.

3. On the screen, you can see a brief description and other deatils like number of downloads and user ratings etc.

4. Press on the Download button to directly download whatsapp on to your Android mobile.

5. You can also known the status of the download, whcih will be shown on the screen. After the download process is completed, click on "Install"

6. The first time whatsapp users have to verify their mobile number and location. This can be done by entering a pin received to your phone.

7. Now whatsapp is downloaded and installed for Android mobile successfully. You can have great fun chating with your friends and dear ones using latest emoticons, smileys etc.

I hope, the above step by step procedure for free downloading whatsapp for Android mobiles will help you. If you find any problem in downloading whatsapp, you can connect us through the comments section.

Whatsapp for Nokia || Download whatsapp for Nokia lumia mobiles

Whatsapp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application, which was earlier developed by WhatsApp Inc. and is currently under the switch of Facebook, the giant social networking platform. Facebook has acquired WhatsApp as it has a massive base of users. To say in fact, there is no particular fascinating and most alluring features present on the instant messaging platform but even then, this had acquired a huge user base across the world due to its much simple-to-use user interface.

WhatsApp offers an outstanding quality of instant messaging service to their user that’s quite unmatched to any of the other messaging applications. If you wish to download, install and make use of this amazing application, all you need to do is simply have an active internet connection on your mobile device.

Are you looking to download and use Whatsapp for Nokia mobiles? There are numerous Nokia based mobile devices that include Nokia X, XL, X+  and if you are looking to download WhatsApp for Nokia mobiles like Nokia Asha 200/202/305/302/206 and other Android and Windows Platform, you can do so just by following the simple procedure provided below. If you’ve already struggled a lot to download this instant messaging platform on your Nokia mobile but failed to download the application then, just give a glance over this article.

Here is a detailed guide, which would allow the worried and queer users of Nokia devices to download WhatsApp for Nokia mobiles both Android and Windows platform. Below is a complete tutorial to download WhatsApp for all the series and models of Nokia mobile phones absolutely for free of cost.

Whatsapp download for Nokia Mobiles [Android & Nokia lumia mobiles]


Whatsapp has enhanced the experience of making use of this instant messaging platform with improved hasty response and outstanding user interface so that the user can instantly deliver messages to their counterparts and recipients at a great comfort. Whatsapp app has been considered as one of the best alternatives for those users who are quite freaky towards advanced technology and other social media sites. When coming to instant messaging and voice messaging apps, definitely WhatsApp takes the first place as it is one of the most promising messaging platforms since its arrival for almost all the users. Usually, for some Android mobile devices, WhatsApp comes pre-installed while on the other hand it is different for other platforms that we need to exclusively download and install WhatsApp on their devices. We once had a most popular mobile brand called Nokia.

If you wish to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia devices, you need to follow the simple steps provided below. You can download and install WhatsApp for various Nokia mobiles such as Nokia XL, X and X+ and Nokia Asha 301 and other Nokia handsets. If you’re not aware of the downloading procedure, needless to worry anymore as we are here to aid you downloading WhatsApp for Nokia mobiles both Android and  Lumia Windows mobiles.

WhatsApp for Nokia Mobiles – Android & Windows 

A decade back, Nokia phones and mobiles were pretty much prevalent that most of the users own this handset. Nokia 3310 was the first and foremost Nokia mobile phone launched by the Nokia Company which was definitely outstanding and extremely retailed handset during that era. Nokia had created a sensation during that period and stood as one of the best mobile device with sturdy look and easy to handle.

However, the fame and prominence of Nokia brand and Nokia mobiles had soon vanished due to the rapid emergence of smartphone segment into the electronics market. With the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, the software behemoth, Nokia brand had completely disappeared from the mobile world from September in the year 2014. However, there are some reasons for the company to get acquired by Microsoft.  Yet, you can download and install WhatsApp for Nokia Mobiles both Android and Windows platform.
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Download WhatsApp for Nokia Mobiles

Before heading to the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp for Nokia mobiles, the user must make sure of some things. The user must check out whether their device is compatible to download WhatsApp. Here are the requirements for the mobile users to download WhatsApp on their Nokia device.

Minimum Requirements to Download WhatsApp on Nokia

  • The user must make sure that the device as an active internet connection or internet data plan.
  • The Nokia device must be one from the list provided below.
  • Necessary Memory to install WhatsApp on your Device.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp for Nokia Mobiles?

Here are the simple steps that help the users download and install WhatsApp app for Nokia that run Windows OS and Java Mobiles:
  • First of all, visit this whatsapp official page from your web browser on your Nokia device.
  • Once you visit this page, you can simply hit the Download Now button to download WhatsApp on your Nokia device.
  • You can then simply follow the on-screen instructions to install setup your WhatsApp account on your Nokia device.
  • At the time of installation process, the user will be asked to provide a mobile number as part of the account verification process.
  • WhatsApp will then sync your mobile contacts and add them as your WhatsApp users on your Nokia device which may be Android or Windows platform. 
That’s it! This is the simple guide to download and install WhatsApp for Nokia mobiles both Android and Windows platform.

Download whatsApp for Micromax mobiles || whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application leading among its competitors with a wide variety of features. whatsApp is getting better and better day by day. I think no one will need an introduction about WhatsApp messenger which was the brainchild of Jan koum and Brian Acton. The duo who were the former Yahoo employees came up with Whatsapp in the year 2009. After seeing the huge response and craze the app has got, Facebook acquired whatsapp for 19 billion dollars. After its acquisition by Facebook, the App has become much more efficient with a number of features and updates like voice messages, calling and document sharing etc.. Now worldwide billions of people are using whatsApp messenger and it has become a part of their daily life.


How to download whatsapp for Micromax mobiles in step by step process

Even though it is pretty easy to download whatsapp messenger, some people might feel it difficult to download whatsapp for Micromax mobiles due to lack of technical knowledge about mobiles and their applications. we can install whatsapp for micromax phones in many ways like downloading the App from the official whatsapp page, downloading it from Google Play store and installing the App with the help of an APK file. Here i am going to show you how to download and install whatsapp messenger for micromax mobiles in a step by step process. 

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  • Most of the Micromax Android mobiles comes with Google Play store app. It is the place where we can find thousands of Android Applications for free and as well to buy.
  • Open the Google Play store App.
  • Type "whatsaApp Messenger" in the search box and submit.
  • You can see the WhatsApp messenger and its details on the screen.
  • Now click on the "Download" button. You can see the whatsapp messenger file downloading to your Micromax mobile.
  • After the file has downloaded, click on the "Install" button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • After the installation, you have to verify your mobile number and location, if you are using whatsapp for the first time.
  • Once you finished verification with the code received to your mobile, you can setup your whatsapp profile and can enjoy using whatsapp on your Micromax android mobile.

Download whatsapp for Micromax mobiles with WhatsApp Apk file

If in case, you dont have Google Play store App, then you need not worry. We can download the latest whatsapp messenger to our micromax mobiles by using the Apk file. Here is the process to download whatsapp using Apk file.
  • First download the latest whatsapp Apk file from a trusted source on to your mobile.
  • NOW go to the settings of your phone and then to security and enable unknown sources.
  • After that go to the location, where you have downloaded the whatsapp Apk and install the file.
  • Thats it now you have successfully installed whatsapp messenger to your Micromax mobile using the Apk file.
  • Proceed with verification and setup your whatsapp profile and enjoy the best messaging application.
I hope this article will help you to download whatsapp for your micromax mobiles and in case if you find any problems in downloading whatsapp, you can ping through comment section.